Friday, September 15, 2006

ARECEE - All We Have

I know you've all seen Arecee's great Future Country video! You know, the one featuring Denny (Blazin' Hazin') Blaze, Leslie Hall (of Leslie and the Ly's) and Cowboy Clark (aka. Arecee as a redneck disciple of George Bush). I sent a link of this video to my friends and got a great response! Nobody was quite sure how to take the whole experience. I had checked out the Blaze and Leslie in some detail before but I hadn't spend much time looking at the songs ultimate mastermind and so todays video is Arecee's 'All We Have'.

While always clever and often tongue and cheek, I'm pretty sure Arecee's the real deal. Having been in the blazin' Iowa scene for around 10 years, now living in Brooklyn, he has released five albums. Urban Smarts has a good interview with Arecee back in his early days that's worth a read-thru. The links above and the video below really tell the story better than I can, so without any further ado...

Click here for the mp3.

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