Saturday, September 09, 2006

THE PANCAKES - 越過高山 (Cross the Mountain)

Hong Kong has a cool music scene, I just KNOW it! I'd love to spend a few years kicking it HK because of the nightlife in a city that truly never sleeps and never stops. They say if you left Hong Kong for a month, you wouldn't recognize it when you got back. For all that hustle and bustle it may not be so surprising that much of the music scene is lo-fi and chilled right out. All that craziness out there it's easy to want to escape behind the headphones of an iPod.

The Pancakes, often solo - always fronted by a girl simply known as Dejay, is a great example of this urban escape. Formed in 1999, Dejay's music and lyrics are simple (usually in English), soulful and saccharine yet not cloying. Her music is often used in commercials in Hong Kong. Dejay, truly independent, is usually responsible for all musical composition,writing, instrument performance, singing, recording and production of her albums. Dejay plays various musical instruments such as the guitar, keyboard and drum. And once in a while she may do a ditty with the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

The singer seems inclined to keep her identity a secret only going by the name Dejay (I happen to know her surname is Choi) and keeping her website free of any photos of herself. Even the video, in which she appears, obscures her face with an image of the moon. It's too bad because the girl's very pretty but I guess the music isn't about being a pop diva so the sensibility reflects her personality.

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