Saturday, September 02, 2006

MODERNDOG - Hoo Dtaa Sa-Waang - ตาสว่าง (Found)

I'm the type of guy that wakes up one morning and says to myself, 'Hmmm, I wonder how they rock it in Thailand' and I make it my mission for the day to find out. That's why I am such a fan of the web and yes, file sharing. I look at the net as the world's biggest music shop. I never cared for that Nickelback and so long ago I decided to look past mere words and see music as the universal language it is. And I am very glad I have or I would have never discovered Moderndog.

Formed ten years ago, Modern Dog is drummer Pawin Suwannacheep, guitarist May T. Nojinda and vocalist Thanachai "Pod" Ujjin. An expectation shattering, constantly surprising rock band that shifts between dark radio hits and darker electronic experiments. They have sold over two million records in Thailand of their four albums. Their most recent, released in November 2004, contained three number one singles, That Song, was co-writtten and arranged by Yuka Honda (ex. Cibo Matto) and produced by acclaimed Scottish producer Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian/Mogwai). It featured guest appearances by Yumiko Ohno of Buffalo Daughter and Sean Lennon. Most recently, in 2005, Pod visited Japan and toured with the former members of the Japanese indie band, Fishmans along side other Japanese indie heavyweights in tribute to the Fishmans' vocalist Sato Shinji who passed away in 1999.

Today's video is called Found and a bunch of Thai words that I couldn't begin to translate the title but starting today I will try to find english translation for all the foreign songs posted in this blog. You will find them below the video.

The sky is very wide, the way is very long,
and you've gone.
Only I'm left in the distance with the days fading away.
The quiet and lonely emptiness has again returned.

Finally, emptiness in my heart I will meet,
I will be, I will see, right?

The sky is still far away, and you have gone.
My sight suddenly brightens up.
The rain sprinkles down and passes. I see the truth in what has passed,
Repeatedly warning me. Remember... every time.

It's time that I should calm-down,
And use my intellect to consider what has passed to understand.
In the end, emptiness from now on
I will meet, I will be, and I will see. Right?

Really... really... really... really... really.

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