Saturday, September 23, 2006

LITTLE SUPERSTAR - Rajnikanth and the Gang

I'm pretty sure this video is well on it's way to becoming the meme of the week and due to its musical nature I felt not including it would deprive my extremely limited audience of true greatness! Today's bonus video is lovingly entitled 'Little Superstar'. It's a clip from a Tamil-language Bollywood film, possibly Maaveeran, starring Rajnikanth as the old guy lying on the couch. The music is from Swedish (AGAIN) DJ's, MC Miker G & DJ Swen's Holiday Rap, which is so school I plan to bust to that for a fortnight. If you didn't catch the inspired sample used, it is from Madonna's 'Holiday'.

While the following is unconfirmed, sources claim the little guy is a famous impersonator/comedian/dancer. In the scene he asks for a cigaratte. The old man says "No, you are too young". That is followed by "I only look small but I am 10 years older than you" (which is true). The old man asks "What will you do if I don't give you one". To which he answers, "I will cut you into pieces". The old man gives him the smoke.

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