Wednesday, September 20, 2006

THE LOCUST - Moth-Eaten Deer Head

There was a time a few years back when I was really into grindcore. The grindcore formula looks a little something like this. Scream in your loudest, trillest voice, play x instrument as fast as you can, and do it for thirty seconds, rinse and repeat. That's about it. Don't like this song, that's OK, it'll be over in 30 seconds. Oh, and don't forget to give all your songs funny titles. Now you too can make a grindcore band. Wasn't that simple?

Today's song is from San Diego's favorite grindcore band, The Locust, who have been assaulting their audiences for about ten years now. At concerts they wear charming hoods meant to look like Locusts or Mexican wrestlers, whichever floats your boat. They have played with Kid 606 which doesn't seem all that unreasonable considering the band already features a lot of wacky synthesizer acrobatics. They are also pretty good at coming up with names for their songs - take their 2003 hit, 'The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office' from the Plague Soundscapes album, as an example.

Today's video is called "Moth-Eaten Deer Head" which practically plods, clocking in at one minute and seventeen seconds. It is off their first full length (13 minute), self-titled album released in 1999. Even at 13 minutes, The Locust manages to find room for 20 tracks on the disc. I think the cover art on this disc is pretty amazing! There were two comments on the YouTube site regarding this video and I think it sums up the schools of thought on these guys nicely so here they are complete with spelling mistakes!

CaptainGaby says:
"I fucking love the Locust. Kick ass band. Thanks for putting thid up."

rkonbon says:
"how the fuck is this shit consiedered music.this is absolute garbage"

And if you'd like to scream along, here are the lyrics:

Damn it Jim, I'm not a magician.
And actually not even a doctor.
I'm not a fucking doctor.
A cuckoo clock never gives the right time.
We swim up stream for the cuckoo's dream.
It's no surprise just how low some will go.

Moth-eaten dear head! (x10)

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