Saturday, September 09, 2006

NEL HATE (Aka. Paranel) - Ee-Mu Remix Album

No video today, but I have a free album for you to download! Many Japanese people have told me that there is not much of an underground hip hop scene in Japan. As an outsider that doesn't limit himself to any particular genre, I was very curious to find what allegedly could not be found.

Nel Hate was introduced to me by a German friend, Moorieman, who has never been to Japan and despite all my efforts knows more about Japanese music than I ever will. Moorieman is my god and the reason why file sharing is not onl
y a good thing but vital to the music industry.

A short review of Nel Hate's full-length debute CD, Dobutsutachi No Ensoukai (Concert of Animals), can be found at SeekJapan. Don't let the Sam & Dave banner ads fool you, this site reviews some of Japan's more interesting, obscure bands, its worth a look. Paranel, in true independent hip-hop fashion, also does all the artwork for the albums. He also seems to try to integrate live painting at his performances. As compelling as some of his images are, it seems to run the risk of being overly art-faggy at a hip hop show. This is more of a side than a real criticism because I haven't personally seen him live.

The remixes done by Ee-mu, are taken from all four of Nel Hates major album releases. In most cases, the original mixes are more suited to Paranel's lyrical styling and off-key whining but that doesn't mean that this disc is a miss. The Red remix of "CAVE" is pretty funny if not cool and the Ee-Mu's take on "LIGHTS" is pretty fresh. While most of these mixes are purposely loose, they often come off sounding ill-timed and amateurish. That may be all good in the land of the Japanese basement jack. I don't think I'd count this remix album amongst my favorite Nel Hate efforts but it is kind of interesting especially if you are familiar with the original tracks. I like it when bands release special internet only remix albums. It acknowledges the fact that much of the material is possibly below release quality but gives hardcore fans something special to tide them over until the next official release. For that alone I'd be willing to give this disc a solid C++.

Click here to download the album.

For more of the undergrounds sounds check the music samples of Nel Hate and friends at this site.

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