Saturday, September 23, 2006

BRITTA PERSSON - You are not my Boyfriend

It's strange to feature two Swedish artists on my blog considering until this week I hadn't heard a single (I'm guessing here) Swedish group in my life. Granted the Basshunter was kinda a joke but he wouldn't have made the cut if he didn't do it for me in some offbeat way. Again, I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this so much but I do know that I'm gonna take the Swedes seriously from now on.

Today's treat is Britta Persson's 'You are not my Boyfriend' off her first full length album 'Top Quality Bones and a Little Terrorist' pretty much just out (August 23rd - Yesterday!). Britta Persson was born in 1982. She grew up in Uppsala in Sweden but currently lives in Stockholm. In 2004, she sang together with Swedish indie-pop heavy-weight Kristofer Åström on his record and later joined him on tour. On this album Britta has once again worked with Kristofer who has helped her with recordings.

On her web site she offered fans a unique chance to vote on one of three different songs to decide which would be her first and second singles. Today's offering actually was voted as number two. The video is beautiful in it's simple use of colors and images that work well in mirroring the vocals. It's probably safely to assume English isn't Persson's first language but it doesn't seem to matter in her lyrics. While simple, they feel open, vulnerable and a tad bit angry - really quite fun to sing along to. In the end however, it's that mad, grungy electro-beat that really wins me over.

This song begs to be remixed into a full-on club track!
Dare I say it? Basshunter, anyone? I've lived in a small country before and (presuming they're both in it) know for a fact that they can't be more than 8 hours away from each other at any given time. Ok, maybe that isn't what the doctor ordered but it could be pretty awsome! Click here to see today's video at a much higher resolution via Burning TV, a site dedicated to the Swedish indie scene.

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